Posing couples: 6 simple ways to create heartwarming photos

Posing couples: 6 simple ways to create heartwarming photos

6 ideas for posing couples (5-6)

6 ideas for posing couples: have some fun

05 Have some fun
If they’re up for it, try some action shots. Ask them to do a funny jump, pull some dramatic dance moves, or do anything else that shows off their characters. Props and accessories can also come in handy here, as they give your subjects something to play with while you shoot.

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6 ideas for posing couples: step back or go close

06 Step back or go close
Try giving the couple some space to increase the sense of intimacy. Have them walking away from you, shoot them out of focus or obscure the pose with props and scenery. Alternatively, go to the other extreme and crop in very tight, picking out little details that hint at the wider scene.

Final Tip
Our shots were taken with natural light for a flattering look. With the interior shots, we used the light from two large windows. This meant setting a high ISO of 1600 and using aperture-priority and a wide aperture. Ensure that both faces are in focus – with wide apertures, that means keeping both of them at an equal distance from you.


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