Posing couples: 6 simple ways to create heartwarming photos

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    6 ideas for posing couples (3-4)

    6 ideas for posing couples: cuddles and piggy backs

    03 Cuddles and piggy backs
    Have the man sat down, with the woman cuddling him from behind. Ask her to whisper something wicked into his ear for a great reaction shot. For a variation on this kind of pose that’ll add a little fun, ask them to do a piggy back. Shoot in bursts to capture the expressions.

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    6 ideas for posing couples: cuddles and piggy backs

    04 Show their quirky side
    If the couple are after something a bit less conventional, you could try a quirky pose. Negative space can be good for this kind of shot, so step back a little and look for clean, symmetrical backgrounds. Experiment with playful poses and be ready for the inevitable burst of laughter.


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