Posing couples: 6 simple ways to create heartwarming photos

Posing couples: 6 simple ways to create heartwarming photos

Two great people, six great poses. In this quick tutorial we’ll show you some simple ways for posing couples to make more interesting compositions.

Posing couples: 6 ways to create heartwarming photos

Posing two people in a portrait can often be twice as hard as shooting just one sitter. There are twice as many limbs to look out for, four eyes to keep in sharp focus, and double the chances of blinking or dodgy expressions.

However, it can also be incredibly rewarding. At the risk of sounding a little sentimental, it gives you the chance to show the bond two people share and create images with real emotion.

So how do you go about taking great shots of couples? To show their special connection you need to work on the composition, body language and expression. It’s always best to keep things natural, but it can help if you have a few stock poses to rely on.

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Here we’re going to look at six poses that you can try out on any couple. Each emphasises something different about their relationship, from their closeness to their sense of fun.

Don’t just go straight into the posing. Before the shoot, ask the couple about the style of shots they’d like. It’ll give you a better idea of their tastes, and whether they’d prefer traditional or contemporary portraits.

They’ll be more relaxed, and the photos better, if they feel they’re getting the shots they want.

We’re going to look at both formal and contemporary styles of images. We’ll start off with a traditional pose, then move on to more relaxed, contemporary ideas.

Give these poses a go, and be ready to capture the chance moments that’ll crop up. You’ll take portraits that are guaranteed to entertain and delight.

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6 ideas for posing couples (1-2)

6 ideas for posing couples: traditional pose

01 Traditional pose
Ask the woman to stand slightly side-on, then get the man to stand behind and place his hand on her arm. Make sure both subjects’ hands are neat and tidy, with fingers together. This angle works well for larger people, as standing side-on presents the slimmest view of the body to the camera.


6 ideas for posing couples: a passionate embrace

02 A passionate embrace
Get them facing one another with the main light source behind. Ask her to wrap her arms around his neck, keeping them straight, and rest their foreheads together. This’ll give you a classic, passionate shot. You could ask for a kiss, but get them to touch lips lightly rather than squash faces.


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