5 ways to compose an image for supreme impact: easy tips to train your creative eye

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    Compose an image with impact: 05 Shoot long for landscapes

    Compose an image with impact: 05 Shoot long for landscapes

    You don’t always have to go wide for great landscapes – here’s how to use telephoto lenses for scenic shots

    What’s the angle?
    You would normally choose a wide-angle lens for shooting landscapes, but a telephoto lens can help give your images a completely different look and feel.

    The extra magnification means you’ll have to shoot from a greater distance, which will give a completely different perspective and framing to your shots.

    Cropping in tight with a long lens can also help to eliminate clutter, and can also make for more intimate images.

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    When it works
    For landscapes like this to work you need to look for distant subjects that will work well in isolation, and also have a background that will work well with the ‘compressed’ perspective created by the distant viewpoint.

    For more abstract images, keep an eye out for strong shapes and patterns, such as the layered look of overlapping hills, or shadows created by walls and hedges in a rural landscape.

    Why it works
    Isolating individual elements within a landscape can produce simple, striking images, while shooting from a distance can also emphasis the effects of mist and haze to give your shots an ethereal quality.

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Things to watch out for
    Using a telephoto lens will mean that camera shake is more of a problem than it is when using a wide-angle lens, so as with cityscapes, if you’re shooting at dawn or dusk you need to ensure that the camera is on a stable tripod, use a remote release, and even select mirror lock-up if your camera has this facility.

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