8 reasons why cheap kit lenses are the perfect lens

8 reasons why cheap kit lenses are the perfect lens

8 reasons why cheap kit lenses are the perfect lens

Benefits of Cheap Kit Lenses: 05. You’ll learn what you need

It’s always better to buy lenses you KNOW you need, not lenses you THINK you need!

That’s why it’s wise to start out with the basic kit lens and get a feel for what it can do and what it can’t.

You might find that what you actually need to take your photography to the next level is not a top-quality pro-spec kit lens, for example, but a super-wideangle zoom or a telephoto.

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Benefits of Cheap Kit Lenses: 06. Low cost doesn’t always mean low-tech

Don’t be fooled by the price of cheap kit lenses! For a start, they’re made in huge numbers so there are big economies of scale.

Part of the higher cost of more advanced lenses is due to the fact the demand is lower and fewer are made.

And don’t assume that kit lenses always get the cheapest or oldest technology.

This is where makers often try out their latest and best innovations – like Canon’s STM autofocus motors for smoother, quieter video footage, or Nikon’s latest retracting lens design to save both weight and space.

Panasonic, Olympus and Sony have all introduced compact camera style ‘power zooms’ so that their kit lenses are small enough to do justice to their latest super-compact bodies.


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