9 creative photo ideas to try in April

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    Creative photo ideas for April: 07 Shoot a war reenactment

    Creative photo ideas for April: 07 Shoot a war reenactment

    Getting involved with a local historical re-enactment group or attending a national show is a great way to dip your toe in the world of documentary photography, with opportunities to take a diverse range of portraits and action shots.

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    “I originally got started with WWII re-enactment through my brother’s father-in-law, who fabricates many of the German replica armoured vehicles used in the UK re-enactment scene,” says portrait photographer Robert Bridgens.

    “When I was invited by him to have a closer look at the efforts that the re-enactors go to put on a realistic diorama of a soldier’s life in that period, I knew there was great potential for a journalistic personal project. So I joined a re-enactment group and became its official photographer.

    “I looked at the work of other re-enactment photographers and realised that while many were working the shows with unedited images, few were going for a specific period feel.

    I have developed my processing style over the years to mimic the colour tones of old Kodachrome film stocks and blend it with a grungy, cinematic style that I’m finally happy with.

    “The greatest challenge in this type of photography is having kit that is too good! I shoot with a Canon 5D Mk II and a 1D Mk IV – but the images they produce, while technically perfect, do not fit the period style of the shot at all.

    It is ironic that I have this expensive kit, then spend time in Photoshop softening the image to make it feel more of its time.”

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    * “There are plenty of great shows across the country,” suggests Robert, “such as the Victory Show in Leicester or the War and Peace Revival in Kent.”
    * “If you want to get more involved with the battle side of things, you will need to join a re-enactment group for the necessary insurance, in addition to having your own Public Liability insurance,” says Robert.
    * Click here for further examples of Robert’s work.

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