6 ways professional photographers use their cameras


Professional photographers use their cameras every day, so they get to know it really well and understand the best way to set it up and use it.  In their latest guest blog post the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure spoke to pros in many different fields to find their six most useful tips for using your camera effectively.

1. Back-button focusing

6 ways photographers use their cameras: Back button focus

By default cameras are set to focus the lens and activate exposure metering when the shutter release button is half-pressed.

This works well in many situations, but if you’re waiting for a moving subject to come into the frame, or for the composition to improve, you have to keep your finger on the shutter release or the focus may change from what you see in the viewfinder when you press it home.

It’s also easy to press the shutter release too far in your enthusiasm and take a sequence of unwanted shots.

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Consequently, many pros use a technique called ‘back-button focusing’, which uses a button on the back of the camera (often labelled AF-on) to control focusing.

Splitting the shutter release and focus control enables you to take a shot without refocusing the lens.

It’s especially useful when there’s a danger of another object coming between the camera and the subject because the lens won’t shift focus unless you press the AF-on button.

Your camera’s manual will explain exactly how to set-up your camera for back-button focusing, but the option you need is usually located in the Custom settings menu.


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