Adobe Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: which software should you choose?

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    Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: Which is the best image editor?

    Editing your photos in Lightroom: sharpen and sync

    There’s a comprehensive array of adjustment options including levels and curves control as well as selective editing and advanced black and white conversion.

    What’s more all edits are non-destructive – even cropping. However, Layers and Masks are not supported, so you can’t make composites or add a new sky to a landscape.

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    The 6 best Photoshop layers any photographer can use

    Any image editing that can be done in Lightroom can also be done in Photoshop, along with quite a lot more – including the ability to create layers and masks.

    Adjustment Layers (with masks) are especially useful for targeted, re-adjustable edits.

    You can also create complex, adjustable selections, add text and create vector-based shapes.

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    Verdict: Photoshop wins

    Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: Can it process raw files?
    Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: Is there an image organiser or catalogue?
    Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: Which is the best image editor?
    Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: Does it help with image sharing or printing?
    Adobe Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: So which software is the best?


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