What is shutter speed: 7 questions new photographers always ask

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    How to control shutter speed

    How to control shutter speed: step 1

    Use Shutter Priority
    Shutter Priority mode gives direct control over the shutter speed, with the camera selecting an appropriate aperture to produce a balanced exposure. Turn the mode dial to S or Tv, and rotate the control dial to select the duration of the exposure.

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    How to control shutter speed: step 2

    Check the setting
    As you rotate the control dial, check the shutter speed in the viewfinder or on the display. The typical range is from 30 seconds to 1/4,000 sec; you’ll need plenty of light, a large aperture and a high ISO setting to achieve the fastest speeds.


    How to control shutter speed: step 3

    Going slower
    You can set a specific shutter speed in Manual, although you’ll need to set the aperture too. Even then, the slowest shutter speed available is 30 seconds. To go slower, use Bulb mode and press the shutter release for the desired length of time.

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