Sony RX10 review: is this powerful bridge camera the next big game-changer?

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    Sony RX10 Review: Verdict

    Sony RX10 review: is this powerful bridge camera the next big game-changer?

    It’s rather difficult to find a camera that’s a direct competitor for the RX10. There are no bridge cameras with a sensor of this size, but if we’re looking at higher-end bridge cameras, then the Canon SX50, Panasonic FZ200 and Fujifilm HS50 seem like obvious choices.

    The biggest sticking point for this camera is likely to be the price. It’s certainly not a cheap purchase, coming in at over £900.

    You could probably get three beginner SLRs for that price. But that’s not the point: to get something that offers this focal length and maximum aperture with a DSLR would cost significantly more, and it would be an awful lot bigger and heavier too.

    Creative controls such as digital filters and panoramic mode are an added bonus. We’re always keen to see touchscreens, but especially so in this case, as setting the autofocus point is more of a pain than it should be.

    Image quality is excellent, while handling is solid and reliable, with that customisation giving it a real enthusiast feel.

    Other touches such as the aperture ring and top plate LED also elevate the Sony RX10 way beyond the standard bridge camera.

    Overall conclusion
    Sony has brought another interesting concept to the market, expanding its respected RX family with this great, albeit expensive, addition. Great work.

    Features: 4/5
    Build quality: 5/5
    Image quality: 5/5
    Value: 4/5

    Final Score: 4/5

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