Sony RX10 review: is this powerful bridge camera the next big game-changer?

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    Sony RX10 review: is Sony’s premium bridge camera with a 1in sensor and an f/2.8 constant aperture set to change the camera market, or will its price tag hold it back?

    Sony RX10 review: is this powerful bridge camera the next big game-changer?

    We don’t often review bridge cameras here at Digital Camera World – but then, the Sony RX10 is no ordinary bridge camera.

    It joins Sony’s premium RX family, to which the RX100 II and the RX1 also belong. It’s an interesting trio, all of which stand out in the marketplace.

    Inside the RX10 is the same one-inch sensor found in the RX100 II, the premium compact that’s proving a huge hit for Sony.

    Other bridge cameras on the market generally feature a standard compact camera-sized sensor at 1/1.7 or 1/2.3 inches.

    This should make the Sony RX10 a much better performer, both for low-light shooting and for creating shallow depth-of-field effects in your images.

    A quick tour of the Sony RX10 body

    Sony RX10 review: is this powerful bridge camera the next big game-changer?

    Click on the infographic to see the larger version

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    Sony RX10 Review: key rivals

    Sony RX10 Review: key rivals - Canon SX50

    Canon PowerShot SX50
    Price: £320
    A good all-rounder with simple and advanced shooting modes and strong low-light performance
    Our score: 4
    Issue reviewed: 144

    Sony RX10 Review: key rivals - Fuji SL1000

    Fujifilm SL1000
    Price: £235
    The 50x zoom gives the fixed lens an effective focal length of between 24 and 1,200mm, and the raw format is supported. But the on-off slider is annoying

    Sony RX10 Review: key rivals - Panasonic FZ200

    Panasonic FZ200
    Price: £380
    The lens has a constant f/2.8 aperture and there’s an articulated LCD. But luminance noise displays even at low ISO settings, and images can be flat

    Upgrade advice
    If you’re looking for an all encompassing camera to use for a variety of subject matters without having the hassle of changing lenses, the Sony RX10 is pretty much the ultimate bridge camera.

    If you want to push your photography, it offers everything you need and more besides.

    However, if you’re keen on a huge zoom range, the RX10’s 8.3x spec will be a disappointment.

    Instead, look towards cameras such as the Canon SX50 or the Panasonic FZ200.

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