How to buy a flashgun: the most important features every photographer should have

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    The benefits of wireless flashguns

    For the ultimate in flexibility, it’s great being able to use the flashgun off-camera.

    Most modern flashguns feature a wireless slave mode, which can be triggered remotely by using the camera’s pop-up flash in Commander mode.

    This facility is available in most upmarket bodies. More advanced flashguns feature both master and slave wireless modes, ideal for multiple flashgun setups.

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    How to use Master and Commander modes

    Many high-end SLRs feature built-in wireless flash Commander options. Here’s how they work

    How to use Master and Commander modes: step 1

    01 Pick a mode
    In the Flash section of custom functions, head to Flash cntrl for built-in flash. Regular TTL, Manual and Repeating flash modes are often available, but to trigger a wireless remote flashgun select the Commander mode.

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    How to use Master and Commander modes: step 2

    02 Flash powers
    The power of the pop-up flash can be selected between TTL, manual and ‘–’ settings. The latter gives the least illumination, but some light from the pop-up flash will still be present in the resulting shot.


    How to use Master and Commander modes: step 3

    03 Group effort
    TTL or manual flash power, complete with flash exposure compensation, can be set independently for different groups of wireless remote flashguns. The wireless channel can also be given one of four identifying numbers.

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