New cameras: the 9 TRUE benefits of upgrading to a better model


Reasons to upgrade to a new camera: 7. Better battery life

New cameras: the 9 REAL benefits of upgrading to a better model

Poor camera battery life used to be quite a major issue and it used to be essential to carry a spare, but on the whole this has improved quite a bit.

Many cameras now allow 300-400 images to be shot, along with plenty of reviewing and adjustments being made on a single battery charge.

There are a few exceptions, however, so be careful with this one.

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Reasons to upgrade to a new camera: 8. Better images

As well as improving detail resolution and noise control, developments in sensor and processor technology have resulted in cameras producing images with greater dynamic range and better colour.

This means that images have greater tonal range, so there’s more detail in the shadows and highlights and colours look good straight from the camera.

Many cameras also now have dynamic range optimisation systems and HDR features that help you produce better images in high contrast situations.

Reasons to upgrade to a new camera: 9. Better live view AF

If you like to compose images on the screen of your camera, you may be interested to know that the focusing speed of most compact system cameras and some SLRs in live view mode is now far faster than ever before.

This makes it much easier to compose images on the camera’s screen even when handholding the camera.


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