How to photograph light trails of cars: a simple guide to taking pictures of traffic

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    Final tips on how to photograph light trails of cars

    Final tips on how to photograph light trails of cars

    Shoot in raw
    The main reason for shooting light trails in raw is to ensure that you have greater control over your images later on during the post-production stage. This will allow you to alter the colour balance of your shot and also avoid colour casts from the artificial light sources.

    Use a low ISO setting
    An ISO setting of 200 will ensure that your images have as little noise as possible. These low settings also mean that you will be able to achieve the long exposure times necessary to capture effective light trails.

    Focus manually
    You’ll find that many cameras struggle to autofocus in low light conditions because of the lack of contrast. For this reason, it’s often better to manually focus on the key part of the scene. The magnify function in Live View can help with this.

    Use Bulb mode
    For exposures longer than 30 seconds, use the camera’s Bulb mode. This enables you to keep the shutter open for as long as you need. Use a remote release to open the shutter, then simply hold it open for the required exposure time.

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