Getty opens archive to bloggers for free with new embedding tool

    | News | 06/03/2014 10:52am

    Bloggers and editors of ‘non-commercial websites’ can now use photos from Getty Images’ archive for free.

    The world’s largest photo agency has announced a new embed tool that will allow people to embed and share Getty’s images at no cost on non-commercial websites, blogs and social media channels.

    Getty opens archive to bloggers for free with new embedding tool

    Getty says the embedded images will include a photographer’s credit, and when clicked it will link back to Getty’s website where that image can be licensed for commercial use.

    Getty adds that the embed tool will be supported anywhere that HTML can be posted, including the popular blogging platform WordPress and social networks like Twitter.

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    “You have to adapt to survive,” said Kevin Mazur, celebrity photographer and director, and co-founder of WireImage Inc. “Evolving to embrace technology that encourages responsible image sharing is the way forward for the industry.”

    Some images, such as those in Getty’s Premium Archive and its Reportage collection, are excluded from the free embedding tool.

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    What’s more, under the terms of the new Getty non-commercial use policy, the agency may ‘ collect data related to the use of the Embedded Viewer, and reserve the right to place advertisements in the Embedded Viewer or otherwise monetize its use without any compensation to you.’


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