9 creative photo ideas to try in March

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    Creative Photo Ideas for March: 03 Shoot outdoor art

    Creative Photo Ideas for March: 03 Shoot outdoor art

    Rather than just taking carbon-copy photographs of the natural world, why not look at ways of creating images where you put your own stamp on a location?

    New Zealand-based environmental sculptor Martin Hill, like Britain’s Andy Goldsworthy, uses photography as a way to record his fleeting natural art constructed from ice, leaves and stones.

    His images are the perfect inspiration if you’re considering taking your landscape photography in a new direction.

    “When I make ephemeral sculptures that return to nature after I have photographed them, the photography is all that is left, so it becomes the artwork,” reveals Martin.

    “The image is pre-visualised as I make a sculpture, and I consider elements such as backgrounds or reflections.

    “To get the best results, I plan for the light to be right, or wait. The whole point of my sculptures is to work with and adapt to the environment, not impose on it.

    “That means collaborating with the different weather and lighting conditions as they happen. I go to places that are as wild and natural as possible, and work with what I find in terms of materials and conditions.”

    You can see the result of Martin doing just this in two of his fine-art photos here. The first shot of a maple-leaf arch was taken in a Japanese forest.

    According to Martin, “Fresh maple leaves dipped in water clung to this arched stick surprisingly well, and the arch held in place just long enough in the soft rain to be photographed.”

    The second shot shows a ring of 2,000 pumice stones in Whanganui Bay, New Zealand. The buoyant volcanic rock was held in place using short sticks under the water.

    Get started today…
    * Pick a location and return to it through the seasons to record the changing colours and textures.
    * Shoot at the start and end of the day to benefit from the best light.
    * Be inspired by the work of art-photographers, but try to find your own creative voice.

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