Nikon D4s vs D4: 14 things you need to know about Nikon’s flagship DSLR

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    Nikon D4s vs D4: 13 Design and dimensions

    Nikon D4s vs D4: 13 Design and dimensions

    Externally, the Nikon D4s and D4 are almost identical. Nikon has changed the shape of the grip and made minor changes to surfaces and controls on the rear to improve the handling.

    The dimensions are identical, at 160 x 156.5 x 90.5mm, but the D4s is 10g heavier at 1350g (body only).

    Nikon D4s vs D4: 14 Price

    Often, Nikon introduces new cameras as an ‘addition’ to the range – the older model continues on alongside.

    This time, however, the Nikon D4s is a direct replacement for the D4, so price comparisons are less useful.

    The Nikon D4s price tag stands at £5,200/$6000 (body only), and for the moment the D4 is still available for up to £1,000/$1,000 less. That probably won’t last long, though, as the D4s replaces remaining stocks of the D4.

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    PAGE 4 – Nikon D4s vs D4: Connectivity, Memory, Battery
    PAGE 5 – Nikon D4s vs D4: Design and dimensions, Price
    PAGE 6 – Nikon D4s vs D4: Our conclusion


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