Inspirational Pictures: 8 ways to get your photo mojo back

Inspirational Pictures: 8 ways to get your photo mojo back

It might be the short winter days, bad weather or even that you’ve just run out of photo ideas, but once in a while we all lose a little of our photographic drive and find ourselves lacking motivation. But never fear, we’ve got 8 tips to get you back on the road to taking inspirational pictures.

Inspirational Pictures: 8 ways to get your photo mojo back

Ideas for Inspirational Pictures: 1. Make a scrapbook

Start collecting images that you really like or that interest you in some way.

You can use the traditional approach and cut pictures out of magazines and leaflets and stick them in a book, or you could sign-up to Pinterest (you can follow us on Pinterest!), which lets you ‘pin’ favourite images from around the web onto a virtual pin-board.

Ideas for Inspirational Pictures: 1. Make a scrapbook

Look at the images and work out what it is about them that interests you and then try to incorporate that in a shoot.

Use the subjects and composition of the images to inspire your own.

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Ideas for Inspirational Pictures: 2. Check the manual

Ideas for Inspirational Pictures: 2. Check the manual

Modern digital cameras are complex devices, each with a huge collection of features and modes.

In fact there are so many available on the average camera that we reckon it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s one you’ve never used.

So next time your stumped for ideas, pick-up your camera’s manual (or browse through the menu) and find a feature that you’ve not used before and give it a go.

And by give it a go we don’t mean just activate it, point the camera at the nearest object and take a shot.

Think about the situations or subjects that the feature is designed for and find something interesting to shoot using it.


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Ideas for Inspirational Pictures: 3. Swap the lens

How to change lenses safely: step 5

If like many photographers you have a bag full of lenses, but you use the same one for 99% of your shots, switching to another optic can give your photography a new lease of life.

Swapping a zoom lens for a prime optic works especially well because you have to use your legs to ‘zoom’ in and out, which means you explore the scene much more and find new subjects and angles.

If you only have one lens, or you use all your optics equally restrict yourself to just one focal length or aperture.

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Ideas for Inspirational Pictures: 4. New gear

What camera should I buy: compact cameras

A new camera body or lens can be a great tonic for your photography, but you don’t have to spend a fortune on kit to get your mojo back.

An ND filter, for example, opens up a world of long exposure photography, while a household torch offers opportunities for painting with light.

Or perhaps you might invest in a remote release like the Hahnel Giga T-Pro II (around £80) which, as well as allowing you to trigger the shutter from a distance for better selfies and wildlife photographs, has an intervalometer so you can take timelapse sequences.


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