Best monitor calibrator for photographers: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best monitor calibrator for photographers: 06 Color Confidence Studio Photo

    Best monitor calibrator for photographers: 06 Color Confidence Studio Photo

    Price:  £186, $304
    Why buy just a monitor calibrator when you could have a complete colour accuracy kit?

    Don’t go thinking this’ll profile your printer as well though, as the kit is actually just a ColorMunki Display colorimeter bundled with Kodak’s Color Management Check-Up Kit.

    Given that the ColorMunki Display will automatically set your monitor’s colour output and brightness with more accuracy than the human eye can achieve, you have to wonder why the visual Check-Up Kit is included at all.

    At least you do get a collapsible, double-sided grey and white card to aid with accurate colour capture, but you still be better off buying the ColorMunki Display and a grey card separately.

    Calibration time:
    5 minutes 5 seconds
    Colour accuracy after calibration (Delta-E, lower scores better): 0.69

    Pros… You get a ColorMunki Display and collapsible grey card.
    Cons… The Check-Up Kit just isn’t really necessary.
    WE say… Pointless as an electric toothbrush plus a manual one.

    Score: 2/5

    PAGE 1 – Best monitor calibrator: 01 X-Rite ColorMunki Smile
    PAGE 2 – Best monitor calibrator: 02 Kodak Color Management Check-Up Kit
    PAGE 3 – Best monitor calibrator: 03 Datacolor Spyder4Elite
    PAGE 4 – Best monitor calibrator: 04 X-Rite i1 Display Pro
    PAGE 5 – Best monitor calibrator: 05 X-Rite ColorMunki Display
    PAGE 6 – Best monitor calibrator: 06 Color Confidence Studio Photo
    PAGE 7 – Five things to look for in a monitor calibrator


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