Best monitor calibrator for photographers: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best monitor calibrator for photographers: 03 Datacolor Spyder4Elite

    Best monitor calibrator for photographers: 03 Datacolor Spyder4Elite

    Price:  £165, $249
    Datacolor offers three versions of the Spyder4: Express, Pro, and this range-topping Elite model.

    Not content with simply calibrating your monitor, this gadget will calibrate projectors as well as iOS and Android mobile screens.

    Wide-gamut, LED-backlit and CRT monitors are supported, plus the device measures ambient light levels.

    Despite the advanced tech, this is still a doddle to use with well designed software, and those spidery legs keep the hardware resting nicely on your screen.

    Our initial calibration was plagued by a blue colour cast, and though a software update cured the problem, the Spyder4Elite couldn’t quite match the colour accuracy of the competing X-Rite colorimeters.

    Calibration time: 5 minutes 15 seconds
    Colour accuracy after calibration (Delta-E, lower scores better): 0.77

    Pros… Versatile, packed with features, yet easy to use.
    Cons… No more accurate or fast than cheaper rivals.
    WE say… A good performer if you need plenty of versatility.

    Score: 3/5

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