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Allister Freeman is a documentary wedding photographer and has a team of associates forming the Allister Freeman Photography Collective. He has been a photographer for over a decade.

Q: Which factors should you take into account when setting a price for a wedding photography package?

A: You should always take into account your final margins. So many photographers don’t take all of their fixed business costs, taxes and variable costs into account, or at least not enough, and are shocked when they work out their profits. These costs can turn a £1800-£2000 photographer into a £1000-£1200 one, so it’s worth getting your figures precisely worked out.

Q: Is it a good strategy to have different options (with different prices) on offer?

A: Yes. It’s good practice to have at least two different options – a peak and an off peak.

Q. When you start out, how low is it acceptable to go in terms of prices before it becomes weekend warrior-style undercutting?

A: You will always be charging little when you first start out, it’s just not going to be feasible (or fair) to charge a couple a lot of money for a product that you have very little experience in creating. You mustn’t work for free though and make sure your costs are covered.

Q: Should wedding photographers ever give discounts?

A: Don’t give discounts. By all means give incentives and also have a variable peak/off peak rate but never discount, especially your peak dates.

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Q. What are the benefits of having an agent, or being part of a collective, as a wedding photographer?

A: There are so many benefits to being in a collective, we’re quite a close team and often work together on shoots but also all mentor on our Long Term Mentoring programmes. Having four experienced photographers and business people mentoring each student is proving invaluable.

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