Manfrotto 190Cx 3-section tripod review

Manfrotto 190Cx 3-section tripod review

The Manfrotto 190Cx 3-section tripod weighs just 1.6kg and is the king of Manfrotto’s revised 190-series of tripods. But is it up for the job? Find out in our Manfrotto 190Cx review.

Manfrotto 190Cx 3-section tripod review

Not wanting to rest on its laurels, Manfrotto has gone all-out to keep its 190 tripod range on top of the competition with this revised design. You still get the option of aluminium or carbon construction, with all versions rated to support up to 7kg of kit.

The rigidity of this particular three-section carbon offering proved particularly impressive, especially considering it’s 20% lighter than its aluminium sibling, tipping the scales at just 1.6kg.

You’ll still need to factor the extra weight of a tripod head, but this remains an impressively light and stable set of legs.

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Particular attention has been paid to the ergonomics, with the new Quick Power Lock leg clamps among the best designs we’ve seen.

They can be flicked open or shut effortlessly while wearing gloves, and still lock each leg section securely. Magnesium leg-angle selectors are just as well-made and precise.

Up top remains Manfrotto’s 90-degree pivoting centre column. By simply pushing a button at the base of the column, a ball-and-socket joint inside the top casting is revealed, allowing the column to easily swing through 90 degrees and lock horizontally.

It’s handy when composing macro shots or hanging your camera over hard-to-reach subjects. Another fresh feature for the revised 190 is the Easy Link connector.

This lets you mount an accessory like a flashgun on one of Manfrotto’s many optional rigid or flexible arm brackets. It’s a useful finishing touch for a top-notch tripod.

Price: £345
Score: 5/5


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