Nikon D3300 review

Nikon D3300 review

Our original Hands-on Nikon D3300 review

Nikon D3300 hands-on review: find out our testing team’s first impressions of Nikon’s latest DSLR and its new retractable kit lens in our Nikon D3300 preview video.

Nikon D3300 hands-on review

The Nikon D3300 looks set to be another good choice for novices. It offers the same 24.2-million pixel count as 2012’s D3200, but lacks the optical low-pass filter over the sensor and should therefore capture sharper, more detailed images.

Nikon has also improved on the D3200’s Guide Mode for the D3300, offering greater functionality and making it a little cleaner in appearance.

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Here our head of testing Angela Nicholson takes a look at what this new Nikon DSLR has to offer.

Nikon D3300 Review: Features and Video review
Nikon D3300 Review: Build and handling
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Our original Hands-on Nikon D3300 review
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