How to crop a picture: using the Crop tool to maximise the potential of your images

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    How to use the Crop Tool

    Below we’ve illustrated some of the key features you need to know t use the Crop tool effectively. Click on the infographic to see the larger version.

    How to crop a picture: master the Crop tool and maximise the potential of your images

    Key features of the Crop Tool

    Key features of the Crop Tool

    After selecting the Crop tool from the Tools Panel, click and drag to start drawing a crop box (01).

    Use the Overlay to add a handy Rule of Thirds grid (02) to help you create a more aesthetically pleasing composition.

    By default, cropped areas appear as a dark grey colour, which can make it hard to spot content – especially in monochrome shots. You can make it easier to see cropped areas by changing the shield colour (03) and reducing its Opacity.

    To apply the crop to your photo, hit Return or click the tick in the Options Bar.

    Alternatively, click on another tool in the Tools Panel and Photoshop will ask you if you want to complete the crop before it gives you access to the other tool (04).

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    PAGE 2: How to crop a picture to correct problems
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