Monochrome photography: make striking images using your camera’s mono mode

Monochrome photography: how to compose strong images using your camera's black and white mode

Monochrome photography in the digital darkroom

You can produce a wide range of black-and-white effects with Photoshop and Elements, of course, but recapturing the elusive ‘look and feel’ of silver halide films can be difficult, and that’s where specialist plug-ins can help.

Silver Efex Pro 2 is one of the best, and it’s part of the $149 Google Nik Collection ( Here’s how it works…


Monochrome photography in the digital darkroom: pick a preset

Pick a preset
This panel displays a wide selection of preset black-and-white ‘looks’, from high-contrast ‘push-processed’ effects to delicate fine art. The easiest way to use Silver Efex Pro is to start with the preset nearest the effect you want, then adjust the settings manually.

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Monochrome photography in the digital darkroom: develop your image

Develop your image
This is done with a set of panels and sliders on the right of the screen. You can use these to change the film simulation (from Kodak Panatomix X to Ilford Delta 3200), contrast, toning and framing effects and even apply dodging and burning effects with quick and simple ‘control points’.


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