Program Mode Explained: how to creatively shift aperture and shutter speed

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    Working in Program Shift

    Follow these steps for great results.

    Working in Program Shift: step 1

    Get in the mode
    Turn the mode dial to Program and lightly tap the shutter release button. You’ll see a combination of aperture and shutter speed appear. Move the camera around and you’ll see either the aperture, shutter speed or both change.


    Working in Program Shift: step 2

    Shift the settings
    To activate Program Shift, rotate the camera’s control dial in one direction to select a wider aperture/faster shutter speed or in the opposite direction for a smaller aperture/slower shutter speed. This process can vary between models.

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    Working in Program Shift: step 3

    Change the ISO
    If a combination of aperture and shutter speed is unavailable, try changing the ISO setting on the camera. Increasing it will make the sensor more sensitive to light, while choosing a lower setting decreases the sensor’s sensitivity.

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