ZSL Animal Photography Prize now open – win up to £10k! (Sponsored)


Wildlife photographers and animal enthusiasts with a shared passion for photography now have the opportunity to put their passions to a good cause and potentially win with a £10,000 prize fund!

The Zoological Society of London’s third annual ZSL Animal Photography Prize (ZAPP) is now open and accepting entries from photographers all over the world.

“At ZSL, we know that people love animals, but this competition has proved to us that our wildlife – be it a magnificent blue whale or a dancing butterfly – provides an infinite source of marvel for people from around the world,” said ZSL Director General Ralph Armond.

Win up to £10k in the Zoological Society of London's new photo competition!

Michael Gallagher ‘Papuan Frogmouth’ – Weird & Wonderful

“Animals across the planet are facing ever increasing threats to their survival, from illegal wildlife trade to complete habitat loss, and as an international conservation charity, we know that raising awareness is crucial in helping to save them.

“The ZSL Animal Photography Prize gives us the opportunity to inspire more and more people to seek out the wonders of the animal kingdom, and invite them to share in our passion for wildlife.”

The ZSL Animal Photography Prize (ZAPP) 2014 features six categories for adult and junior entrants, which include

1.    The Perfect Moment
Patience is rewarded when you capture that stunning shot

2.    Last Chance to See?
Threatened habitats, endangered species and living conservation

3.    Weird & Wonderful
Unique species, amazing adaptations and unexpected surprises

4.    Size Matters
From the massive to the microscopic, this is the category for the most amazing micrographs to the biggest panoramas… celebrate all creatures great and small.

5.    The Birds and the Bees
From birds in flight to love at first sight… avian images, incredible invertebrates

6.    Deep & Meaningful
Everything aquatic – in, around or under the water.

Win up to £10k in the Zoological Society of London's new photo competition!

Bence Matte ‘ A giant trophy for a small ant’ – Size Matters

The overall adult winner in each category will take home £1000 – and an additional £1000 if you are named overall adult winner across all categories. The young persons winner in each category will receive £250, with an additional £500 going to the overall young persons winner.

And along with the £10,000 prize fund, winners will also be in with a chance of having their image displayed in a striking exhibition at the ZSL London Zoo in September 2014.

Vaclav Krpelik ‘The slowest sprinter’ – Deep & Meaningful

Ornithologist Bill Oddie and television presenter Kate Humble are part of the competition judging panel, and the deadline to enter is 1 April 2014.

The competition is open to all, with free entry for children (18 and under) and a £5 entry fee for adults. Entrants are allowed to enter up to six categories.

Judges will look not only at technical excellence, but choose photographs that capture “the essence of the animal world.”

Click here to enter the ZSL Animal Photography Prize (ZAPP) 2014