Photography projects: how to stay consistent over the longer term

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    Have you started any photography projects for 2014? If your ideas call for a longer-term project, staying consistent is key. Read on to find out how to stay inspired…

    Photography projects: how to stay consistent over the longer term

    A great way to expand your creative repertoire is to start a photography project with a theme, creating multiple pictures that are connected with each other. This can really help define your artistic vision and style.

    It might all sound a bit ‘art school’, but don’t let that put you off: it’ll help make you a better photographer. Guaranteed.

    You don’t need to embark on an in-depth endeavour – start with a simple idea and let it evolve. Here we’ve created a photography project around some very basic parameters.

    The subject is light and we started by simply shooting directly into the sun. We framed it so that the sun was in the exact centre, with the pre-visualised idea that the finished image would be cropped square.

    Using a compact system camera, we were able to carry a camera all the time for whenever the sun was out. The examples here were all taken while going about daily life, such as travelling on a plane, commuting on a train and even on a country walk with the family.

    Eventually our photography project evolved and we changed from a square to a circular crop and added a cool red tinted monochrome effect added in Photoshop. So let’s see how to go about starting a photography project.

    How to create consistent-looking photography projects

    How to create consistent-looking photography projects: step 1

    01 Think of an idea
    Start with something unambitious that you can easily do on a daily basis without having to pack huge amounts of kit and travel for miles to areas of outstanding natural beauty. We chose the sun, as it’s always there – even in the UK!


    How to create consistent-looking photography projects: step 2

    02 Look for evolution
    Image browsers such as Bridge or Lightroom, or cloud services like Canon’s Project1709 platform, are ideal for building and evolving your body of work, and editing out the ones you want to use or get rid of. Use the star rating system to make collections and see how the images work together.


    How to create consistent-looking photography projects: step 3

    03 Be consistent
    It’s important when working with a set of images that they are consistent with one another. To make the monochrome red tint exactly the same in each image, we made a preset gradient map in Photoshop, applying it to each image.


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