Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs 6D: 14 key differences explained


Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs 6D: which full-frame DSLR should you choose?

Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs 6D: 13 Size and weight

The EOS 5D Mark III is a larger, heavier and more substantial camera than the 6D. It’s several millimetres bigger in width, height and depth and nearly 200g heavier. The 6D is designed to withstand serious use itself, though, and like the EOS 5D Mark III it’s weatherproofed to the same standard (EOS-1N).

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs 6D: 14 Price

This is the biggest difference between the EOS 5D Mark III and the EOS 6D! The 5D Mark III is nearly £1000 more expensive in the UK and up to $2000 more in the US. The EOS 5D Mark III is the better camera, but the 6D looks by far the best value.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs 6D: Our conclusion

For enthusiasts, the EOS 6D is a great all-rounder at a terrific price. The differences between the 6D and the 5D Mark III are significant, but probably not important enough for non-professionals to justify the big difference in cost.

As we pointed out earlier, you could use the cash for extra lenses.

Professional users, though, will see it differently, particularly if they shoot action or video. The 5D Mark III’s 61-point AF system is in a different league to the 6D’s 11-point AF, for example, and the audio monitoring offered by the 5D Mark III is important for professional movie makers.

For serious users, the price difference will still be a cause of pain, but a necessary expense to get the features they need.


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