Creative photography: how to think beyond the obvious with composition

Creative photography: simple ways to think beyond the obvious with your compositions

Final tips for more creative photography

Final tips for more creative photography

Must try harder
Push yourself to try to produce an alternative shot to the (conventional) one you have just taken. Look for more creative or unusual compositions, and experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Pre-visualise images
Being different for difference’s sake isn’t a recipe for successful images. You need to think very carefully about what you are trying to achieve, and then work towards creating that image. Having a clear idea of the final result in your mind will help determine your approach.

Go in close
Our first instinct is usually to include the whole subject or scene in our images. But the essence of a subject can sometimes be conveyed more powerfully by composing tightly where only part of the subject is shown, perhaps in an abstract way.

Off the level
Conventionally a scene should be level, but an easy way to create something different is to turn the camera on an angle. Try tilting the camera at 45˚and shoot subjects with strong lines or patterns for a more eye-catching result.

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