Creative photography: how to think beyond the obvious with composition

Creative photography: simple ways to think beyond the obvious with your compositions

Be creative with focusing

Be creative with focusing

If you have 20/20 vision, most, if not all, of what you see is in sharp focus – but this is not the case for cameras, of course.

At wide apertures, depth of field is shallow, which means the emphasis or focus of a picture can be placed on a specific part of the subject.

This can be done by using a telephoto lens set at its maximum aperture to limit depth of field.

This works best when shooting close-up with longer focal-length lenses, to create narrow bands of focus and throw other parts of the subjects out of focus. It’s a technique that works well for shooting abstract macro shots with shallow depth of field.

Again, set the lens to its maximum aperture and focus critically on the part of the subject that you want to highlight.

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