Best ball head for heavy DSLRs: 6 top models tested and rated

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    Best ball head for tripods: 04 Induro BHD1

    Best ball head for tripods: 04 Induro BHD1

    Price: £135, $160
    Standing 115mm tall and weighing 500g, the Induro has a particularly hefty 12kg maximum load rating, so is capable of supporting even massive telephoto lenses.

    It attaches to tripods via a 60mm mounting plate, fastened by a typical 3/8-inch screw.

    Features are plentiful, including an adjustable friction damper and separate panning lock, complete with calibrated scale.

    The build quality is excellent and it’s an extremely solid head with smooth-acting adjustments.

    However, like the Manfrotto also on test, the Induro lacks spirit levels or a bubble level to aid camera levelling.

    One plus point is that the quick-release system is Arca-Swiss compatible, ensuring compatibility with many other pro-level heads and release plates.

    Overall, it’s good value in the USA but a bit pricy in the UK.

    Pros… Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate.
    Cons… No bubble level, no double U-shaped cutout.
    WE say… Expensive in the UK, but attractively priced in the US.

    Score: 4/5

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    Best ball head for tripods: 04 Induro BHD1
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