Download PhotoKey 6 Lite compositing software for FREE! (Sponsored)

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    Download PhotoKey 6 Lite compositing software for FREE! (Sponsored)

    Green screen photography is a great technique that allows to create striking composite images that might have been otherwise impossible to capture in-camera.

    Shooting elements against a green screen means that photographers can quickly separate their subjects from the background on the computer, and create a whole new image through compositing.

    But to retain the crucial fine details and maintain tonal integrity you need to choose your compositing software wisely.

    Introducing PhotoKey 6 Lite software

    Introducing PhotoKey 6 Lite softwareThe best green screen software for any job is one that reduces technical headaches and allows you to concentrate solely on your creative vision.

    PhotoKey 6 Lite provides you with all the tools for the job in an easy-to-use interface, making this virtual studio the software of choice among professional photographers at some of the world’s most exclusive events.

    All you need to use PhotoKey 6 Lite is a green screen background (cloth, paper or paint will all work) and your normal lighting equipment.

    Once in the software, PhotoKey instantly removes your green screen with one click upon importing your photo, allowing you to choose from different backgrounds to make stunning composited imager.

    You can also remove specified colours or apply a range of different creative effects, as well as make one-click improvements to colour and focus to get even more creative with your portraits.

    The software is compatible with both Mac and PC, and for a limited time its manufacturer, UK firm FXHOME, is offering you the opportunity to download PhotoKey 6 Lite COMPLETELY FREE!

    Claim your free download of PhotoKey 6 Lite

    From now until 4 February you can download the software – worth £30 / $50 – completely free, with no obligations.

    What’s more, existing PhotoKey users are eligible for 25% off the latest version of the software if you upgrade before the promotion ends on 4 February.

    Click here to download your free copy of PhotoKey 6 Lite

    Watch the short video below to see the software in action and see how easy it is to create stunning composites!

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