NAS – the answer to photo storage headaches (Promotional Feature)

NAS - the answer to photo storage headaches (Promotional Feature)

Tired of losing precious images in a morass of memory cards, flash drives and computer storage? WD’s Red drives are coming to the rescue.

NAS - the answer to photo storage headaches (Promotional Feature)It doesn’t matter how great your shot is, or how good your camera and lens, it literally comes to nothing without safe, reliable storage.

How many times have you lost a fantastic image, or accidentally deleted one, simply because it was lurking on a computer hard drive or memory card, or marooned on a flash drive?

Having a good storage strategy really is as important as having a good camera or lens, but it’s surprising how many people neglect this crucial area of photography workflow.

As well as reliable storage, you need plenty of it too, particularly if you shoot in raw. Full-frame SLRs and high resolution compact system cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper, generating massive file sizes.

So what to do?
Forget upgrading your computer or getting even bigger camera memory cards, the answer is NAS – a Networked Storage Device.

Put simply, a NAS is a stand-alone storage device consisting of one or more hard drives that is connected directly to your internet router, instead of your computer.

Because your storage is connected to your router, you can always access your shots over the internet, even from another location – much like a personal cloud. You can also share your best shots within your home or office, with user accounts and user privileges.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a boffin or a networking nerd to set up NAS. There a number of NAS systems on the market that are aimed at first time buyers and easy to setup.

WD’s Red drives are compatible with most NAS boxes such as Synology, Qnap, Thecus and others: Not only do WD Reds have massive capacity but also come with NASware 2.0 software, which improves drive reliability and protects your best shots in the event of a power loss or power disruption.

NAS - the answer to photo storage headaches (Promotional Feature)Backing up your shots
Storing your pictures safely is one thing, but you also need to be able to back them up. By using a NAS system equipped with WD Red, you can wirelessly back up all your PC and Mac computers on your network to one reliable location. Every time you save something, it’s instantly backed up over your network.



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