10 things you aren’t doing with your images but really should

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 9. View images on a calibrated screen

10 things you aren't doing with your images but really should

If you’re viewing images on an uncalibrated screen, you could be making adjustments that actually make them look worse rather than better. You may be correcting colour casts that don’t exist or brightening images that are already too bright.

There are plenty of screen calibrators (for example, the Datacolor Spyder 4 Express or Elite and the Xrite ColorMunki Display) that offer you a simple, step-by-step wizard approach to adjusting the screen so images are displayed accurately. They will also create the profile and store it in the correct place.

10. Back-up your images

Few photographers decide to not back-up their images, but many forget to do so. Fortunately, it’s becoming easier and more affordable to do so with the price of large capacity hard drives falling all the time. There are also a range of software options that can help with automating the process.

Cloud storage is also a great option because it means your images are backed-up remotely so if some disaster befalls your hard drives, you can download everything. Canon’s Project1709 is free to use during its beta period. Just head over to www.project1709.com to request an invitation to sign up.



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