10 things you aren’t doing with your images but really should

Final surf photography advice from our professional photographer: safety first

3. Use mirror lock-up

10 things you aren't doing with your images but really should

If you’ve gone to the trouble of carrying a tripod (you do carry a tripod, don’t you?), then you really should engage your DSLR’s mirror lock-up or exposure delay facility because it can have a huge impact – especially with very high pixel count cameras.

The movement of the mirror often introduces vibration and unless the exposure is delayed until after these die down, they introduce blur.

In mirror lock-up mode, you press the shutter release once to lift the mirror and then press it again to take the exposure. This means a remote release is essential to avoid introducing blur by touching the camera the second time. Nikon’s exposure delay mode lifts the mirror and then fires the shutter automatically shortly after.

If you have a compact system camera, you don’t need to worry about mirror lock-up, but it’s worth using a remote release (or the self-timer) to avoid causing blur-inducing vibration when you touch the camera.

4. Shoot raw and JPEG files

10 things you aren't doing with your images but really should

Although we always recommend shooting raw files, many photographers are still concerned about processing them post-capture. It really is the best way to ensure high-quality images, but if you shoot JPEG files at the same time, you have a good result available direct from the camera as well.


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