10 things you aren’t doing with your images but really should

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As photographers, we put so much effort into some things that we often overlook the really obvious. In their latest guest post the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure share ten things that we all know we should be doing, but that a huge number of photographers don’t do.

1. Clean-up

10 things you aren't doing with your images but really should


Many photographers clone out dust marks as an afterthought, often after having made a print and spotting an annoying shadow, but it’s something that is best done at the start of the editing process. Try to get into the habit of checking images at 100% before performing any other edits. Some software such as Adobe Camera Raw even allows you to make batch repairs, so you only have to spot out a mark once.

2. Crop before you shoot

10 things you aren't doing with your images but really should

It’s fine to crop images post-capture, but they usually turn out better if you shoot with the crop in mind. This ensures that the composition is thought out, with elements carefully arranged.

Some cameras allow you to shoot with a variety of aspect ratios, which can be helpful if you find it hard to visualise how the crop will look. Alternatively, you could try shooting in live view mode and using a couple of pieces of card to ‘crop’ the view.


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