Off-camera flash: how to stop fearing your flashgun and take control of lighting

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    Shoot with off-camera flash using cords

    Shoot with off-camera flash using cords: step 1

    Choosing a cord
    An off-camera cord is a coiled cable that enables you to use a dedicated flashgun remotely. Cords made by camera manufacturers tend to be expensive (£50 or more) and short (60cm in the case of this Canon one). Third-party options are cheaper and longer.


    Shoot with off-camera flash using cords: step 2

    Keep it tight
    When attaching the flash cord, make sure the flashgun is pushed fully onto the hotshoe extension, and likewise the other end on the camera. The best off-camera cords provide locks at both ends to keep the contacts in place.


    Shoot with off-camera flash using cords: step 3

    Lighting stands
    A lighting stand or tripod enables you to position the flash precisely. Ensure the tripod is secure when using short flash cables: it’s easy to find yourself working at the cord’s full extension one minute, then pulling the tripod over the next….

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