9 creative photo ideas to try in January

Creative photo ideas for January: 07 Shoot a winter portrait

Creative photo ideas for January: 02 Shoot a vibrant abstract photo

Creative photo ideas for January: 02 Shoot a vibrant abstract photo

There are plenty of subjects to point a macro lens at this month, from Christmas baubles to frosted leaves, but how about trying something a bit more left-field?

Corrie White specialises in creative water close-ups. (See www.liquiddropart.com for more of her inspirational work.) This shot illustrates what can be achieved with a few basic ingredients.

“This image shows the reaction between water, table cream [evaporated milk], food dye and acrylic paints,” says Corrie. “If you drop some cream onto a flat surface then add the food dye or paint, the reaction between the liquids makes them spread out into abstract images.

“I keep adding the dye and paints until the image becomes too dark and messy, then 
I start over with another. The surface I use for these abstracts is black glass. I use a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens on my Canon 7D, and position this at a distance of 50cm above the glass using a tripod.

“It’s important that the camera is placed perpendicular to the glass, so that most of the image will be in focus. I also use an external flash gun positioned close to the work surface, angled in such a way that I don’t get too much glare on the image.

“To create the pattern, I paint out a rectangle of cream to fit the frame of the image, then start dropping dye and paint with a pipette while I am snapping away to catch the movement of the liquids on camera.”

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Get started today
* Focus manually with the help of Live View’s magnification function.
* Use a fairly small aperture to maximise sharpness: Corrie’s used an exposure of 1/250 sec at f/13, ISO 200.
* Set continuous drive mode on the camera, and fire the shutter in short bursts using a remote release.


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