Layer mask techniques anyone can do: master this vital Photoshop effect

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    Make Layer Masks from Alpha channels

    Make Layer Masks from Alpha channels

    Channels contain the brightness information for the colours that make up an image.

    An RGB image, for example, has four channels – one for each colour and a global RGB channel.

    Clicking a channel thumbnail in the Channels panel reveals a monochrome image, showing the brightness distribution of that channel.

    Alpha channels, however, are created when selections are saved or masks are created.

    They also display 8-bit monochrome images, and they can be edited using the painting tools before being turned back into a selection and used to create a mask.

    Clipping Layer Masks
    A clipping mask can be created easily from a layer with transparent areas via Layer>Create Clipping Mask.

    It masks off the image beneath it in the Layers panel, showing only those areas that are overlaid by an object in the clipping mask layer.

    If a clipping mask is created from a layer containing text, for example, then the letters will be created using the image beneath.

    PAGE 1: What is a layer mask?
    PAGE 2: How to use masks to make a composite
    PAGE 3: How to mask adjustment layers
    PAGE 4: Refine your Layer Masks
    PAGE 5: Make Layer Masks from Alpha channels


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