Lastolite Strobo Collapsible Snoot review

Lastolite Strobo Collapsible Snoot review

Focus your flashgun and transform harsh light with the space-saving Lastolite Strobo Collapsible Snoot. We recently put it to the test…

Lastolite Strobo Collapsible Snoot review

With a little help from a flash modifier, it’s amazing what the humble flashgun can do. Fit a snoot and you can concentrate the beam tighter, creating a spotlight effect.

It’s a great trick for defining a specific focal point and allows you to take maximum control over the light from your battery-operated flash guns.

But where the Strobo snoot shines through is its portability. The rigid cone shape of most snoots makes them a pain to pack, but Lastolite’s design is collapsible. Simply compress the rubber concertina and away you go.

However, the snoot on its own won’t actually attach to your flashgun. It’s intended to be used in conjunction with Lastolite’s Strobo system, so you’ll need to factor in the cost of a mounting plate too.

It may sound a bit convoluted, but the advantage is once the plate is fixed, magnetic connectors mean you can attach any Strobo accessory in a flash and adapt your light source to an even greater extent.

With modifiers like gel holders, honeycomb grids and gobo filters to choose from, the Strobo snoot could just be the start of an interchangeable creative lighting system.

Price: £25
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Score: 4/5


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