See pictures like a professional: what to look for and how to really work a scene

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    Tips for spotting better image opportunities

    Landscape photography: How much money can you actually make?

    Analyse pictures that you particularly like
    Collect samples of images that you find inspirational, and make a note of why they work for you. You’ll soon see a common theme among these pictures, which you can then adopt and adapt to create your own individual style.

    Make a pre-visit
    Scout out a decent location: take a good look around and work out the best viewpoints to shoot from. This way you won’t waste time and potentially good light when you return in favourable conditions to take your shots.

    Keep your eyes open
    Always be on the lookout for interesting features in the landscape. Make use of the Photographer’s Ephemeris app to work out how these features will be lit by the sun at different times of the day and year.

    Shadow another photographer
    A great way to improve your skills is to tag along with an experienced photographer, and watch how they approach a situation. Ask if you can take a peek at their compositions for ideas that you can use and adapt yourself.

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    PAGE 2: Three tricks for taking a stand-out image
    PAGE  3: How to compose for consistently great pictures
    PAGE  4: Tips for spotting better image opportunities


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