See pictures like a professional: what to look for and how to really work a scene

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    How to compose for consistently great pictures

    How to compose for consistently great pictures

    Great pictures rarely happen by accident: the photographer has seen something that inspires them, and they have captured some of this magic.

    What makes a great picture is the photographer’s vision to create a captivating image with the use of light, colour and shapes.

    Strong images that grab your attention have a basic compositional structure made up of colours, shape and form and the contrast between light and shade.

    By learning to recognise these fundamental building blocks and using them to create a picture, your images will stand out.

    Once you learn how to ‘see’ a picture and get the basic compositional structure of your images right, you’ll be able to take compelling shots of any subject with any camera.

    PAGE 1: How to see pictures like a professional
    PAGE 2: Three tricks for taking a stand-out image
    PAGE  3: How to compose for consistently great pictures
    PAGE  4: Tips for spotting better image opportunities


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