See pictures like a professional: what to look for and how to really work a scene

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    Three tricks for taking a stand-out image

    Three tricks for taking a stand-out image: step 1

    Pre-visualise the shot
    Have a clear mental picture of what you’re trying to capture before you shoot. Evaluate a scene and try to work out how the foreground, focal point and background can be best be combined, and which position will give the optimum perspective.


    Three tricks for taking a stand-out image: step 2

    Once you’ve pre-visualised the image, you’ll have a good idea of how to compose the picture – but avoid over-complicating the shot by including too much. Often less is more. Use a single feature as the focal point, then include other elements to complement the main subject.


    Three tricks for taking a stand-out image: step 3

    Work the situation
    Once you’ve nailed a shot that you’re happy with, look for other compositions that might work equally well or better. Often it takes time at a location to explore its full potential. One way to do this is to keep taking images and reviewing your results to learn from the process.

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