Lens Correction tricks for Photoshop: how to correct distortion and optical flaws

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    Apply vignetting with the Lens Correction filter or ACR

    Apply vignetting with the Lens Correction filter or ACR

    The Lens Vignetting slider controls within the Lens Corrections section of Camera Raw, and the Lens Correction filter in Photoshop are intended to be used to brighten image corners that are a bit darker than they should be.

    However, they can also be used to darken the corners and focus the viewer’s attention towards the main subject.

    Vignetting adjustments are made by eye, with the Amount slider being used to set the level of brightening (or darkening), and the Midpoint slider to determine the size of the area affected.

    Shifting the Amount control to the left (and entering a negative value) darkens the corners, while shifting it to the right will brighten them.


    Use Smart Objects

    Smart Objects
    Converting an image to a Smart Object before you apply a filter such as Len Correction allows you to revisit the adjustments, and give them a tweak at a later date if necessary.

    The easiest way to do this is to select Filter>Convert for Smart Filters before selecting Filter>Lens Correction.

    Once you’ve applied the filter, you can open the controls again just by double-clicking on the words Lens Correction in the Layers Panel.

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    PAGE 2: Apply vignetting with the Lens Correction filter or ACR
    PAGE 3: Correcting dramatic distortion with the Lens Correction filter or ACR
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