10 family portrait photography mistakes every photographer makes

Family photo ideas: make a striking family portrait from individual faces in profile

Family portrait photography mistake 07: Awkward poses

Family portraits generally look better when everyone is relaxed. Forced poses look false and uncomfortable.

While the sofa in the living room might seem a logical venue for family shoot, try to avoid everybody squeezing on and sitting bolt upright or arranging themselves like the local football team in regular rows in front and behind.

Having someone seated on the arm of the sofa, someone else standing behind and another person sat on the floor in front of those on the sofa, however, gives a nice dynamic.

If you ‘re shooting outside a bench is a good stand-in for a sofa, but also consider using some of the playground rides or even a fallen log to give a more spontaneous feel.


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Family portrait photography mistake 08: Lamps growing out of heads

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Whether shooting outside or inside you need to watch out for objects in the background appearing to sprout out of the heads of your family.

Inside it might be a lamp, a pot-plant or the Christmas tree, while outside it’s often trees, pylons, streetlamps and signposts.

Have a good look round the scene before you take the shot and if necessary move the offending article, recompose the shot or find an alternative venue.


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