Nikon Capture NX2: how to create outstanding black and white conversions

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    Get to know the Capture NX2 interface

    Get to know the Capture NX2 interface

    01 Black and White Conversion
    This command enables you to lighten or darken the tones of specific colours in a monochrome image to make features stand out.

    02 Filter Hue
    This slider mimics the old-school technique of placing coloured filters over the lens, then shooting with black and white film. Here, a warm filter darkens cool colours.

    03 Color Filter Strength
    For a more dramatic contrast you can increase the value of the Color Filter Strength slider. This enables us to darken the pale blue sky so that the clouds stand out more.

    04 Global adjustments
    The Filter Hue slider enables you to lighten or darken the tones of specific colours. Use the Brightness and Contrast sliders to get whiter whites and blacker blacks.

    05 Helpful histogram
    The histogram graph helps to ensure that we have a wide spread of tones, from the black shadows on the left to the white highlights on the right.

    06 Before and after
    All the edits that we make to our RAW .NEF file are non-destructive. You can tick and untick this option to toggle between the original colour shot and the monochrome conversion.

    07 Rule of thirds
    When cropping a shot, it’s always worth keeping this box ticked. This overlays a classic Rule of Thirds grid on the crop window, enabling you to create a more well-composed shot.

    PAGE 1: How to convert to black and white using Nikon Capture NX2
    PAGE 2: Get to know the Capture NX2 interface
    PAGE 3: How to discover (and recover) lost tonal information with Capture NX2


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