Create amazing composite images with PhotoKey 6 Pro software (Promo Feature)

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    The digital darkroom is a staple of every photographer’s diet, and we all know how much time it can take to edit, retouch and perfect your images so they look exactly as you envisioned them. This is particularly true when it comes to making a composite.

    Whether you simply want to replace a sky or drop your subject into a more interesting environment, composites require careful attention. And this is where green screen technology can be a huge help.

    Create amazing composite images with PhotoKey 6 Pro software (Promo Feature)

    Green screen photography is a great technique that allows photographers to quickly separate their subjects from the background on the computer and add new backdrops within seconds.

    A staple of many professionals, shooting your subjects against a green screen allows photographers to create striking images that might have been otherwise impossible to capture in-camera.

    Think of the best fashion photos you’ve seen, for instance, and they’ve all used a green screen. So have the best photographers at the world’s major sporting events and social occasions. Shooting elements against a green screen means that photographers can quickly separate their subjects from the background, and create a whole new image through compositing.

    But to retain the crucial fine details and maintain tonal integrity you need to choose your compositing software wisely.

    Introducing PhotoKey 6 Pro software

    The best green screen software for any job is one that reduces technical headaches and allows you to concentrate solely on your creative vision. PhotoKey 6 Pro not only provides you the tools for the job, but it’s as stress-free as a day at the beach!

    Designed for professional green screen photographers but simple enough for anyone to use, PhotoKey 6 Pro delivers advanced green screen removal and background replacement features with full batch processing capabilities.

    Made by UK firm FXHOME, the software offers a number of advanced keying features and finishing effects that allow you to adjust your subjects and backgrounds individually to create a stunning overall effect.

    What’s more, you can use the software individually or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, integrating PhotoKey’s bespoke systems into your usual workflow.

    PhotoKey 6 Pro: a professional’s opinion

    To demonstrate the power of PhotoKey 6 Pro, FXHOME worked with pro photographer Mike Harrington to create two striking composited images using the software that could only be created using green screen photography techniques.

    Create amazing composite images with PhotoKey 6 Pro software (Promo Feature)

    The first image was a hyper-real parkour backflip, with an ultra-sharp finish that would have been impossible to shoot on location under natural light.

    Create amazing composite images with PhotoKey 6 Pro software (Promo Feature)

    Working with PhotoKey allowed him to shoot a separate background, then capture parkour moves under flash in the studio. Clever use of lighting meant that the urban atmosphere was brought into the studio, and Mike could check the key and then bring the shot together.

    Create amazing composite images with PhotoKey 6 Pro software (Promo Feature)

    The second was a comedic shot of a jungle explorer, discovering a rather large spider on her hat. For this image Mike used PhotoKey 6 Pro as a plugin in Adobe Photoshop, as he required layers to be composited on top of one another.

    Create amazing composite images with PhotoKey 6 Pro software (Promo Feature)

    These images were only made possible through shooting against green screen and using PhotoKey to instantly remove the background, and this allowed Mike to concentrate on the storytelling aspects of the pictures, knowing that the software would allow him to spend time composing the perfect final image from a his foreground and background elements.

    PhotoKey was used to check the keys live in the studio, so Mike could shoot with confidence knowing the cut-outs would work, and then time was spent fine-tuning the mattes and sending to Photoshop for retouching.

    By switching between interfaces effortlessly and applying PhotoKey 6 Pro’s keying technology to any layer in an Adobe Photoshop project, Mike was able to achieve everything he wanted without interrupting his streamlined workflow.

    PhotoKey 6 Pro fits seamlessly into your workflow, either as a standalone program or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, giving you full creative control over your images.

    Go behind the scenes to see videos of how Mike made his spectacular images, as well as get his expert tips for stunning composite photography.

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