Camera metering techniques: how to get the best image quality from your DSLR

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    Final camera metering tips for accurate exposures

    Final camera metering tips for accurate exposures

    Try under-exposing

    When you want to avoid pale skies washing out to white and you’re aiming for really deep, saturated colours, err on the side of under-exposure. It’s easier to boost brightness at the editing stage than it is to recapture blown highlights, which are usually lost forever.

    Over-expose instead

    A little over-exposure can go a very long way in portraiture, making for beautiful, dreamy-looking skin tones. Similarly, for very bright outdoor scenes like snowy mountains or pale-coloured beaches, a bit of over-exposure will make images look more like nature intended.

    Blinking highlights

    One of the joys of digital is that you can review images as you shoot, rather than having to wait until your films are developed to check exposures. Most cameras include a ‘blinking highlights’ option, so you can see blown highlights and re-shoot if necessary.

    Check the histogram

    For ultimate accuracy when reviewing shots, don’t rely on the LCD alone. Switch to Histogram view for a graphical representation of exposure. If the peaks are mostly on the left, the image is probably under-exposed, and vice versa.

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