Camera metering techniques: how to get the best image quality from your DSLR

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    How to set your camera’s metering modes

    Use our quick guide to master your DSLR’s advanced metering settings

    How to set your camera's metering modes: Evaluative metering

    Evaluative (or Matrix)
    Many cameras lock or at least bias the metering setting at the moment when autofocus is achieved, so beware when focusing on particularly light or dark objects in a scene and then recomposing the frame. Take a subsequent reading if necessary.


    How to set your camera's metering modes: Centre-weighted metering

    This is a good choice for high-contrast scenes, because it allows you to lock the exposure value to correlate with a specific area. You may still need to apply a little exposure compensation for perfect results.


    How to set your camera's metering modes: Spot metering

    Spot metering
    In this metering mode, a light reading is taken from only a tiny point in a scene, so it can be tricky to use. It’s usually best practice to take readings from several points in a scene and to average out the readings to attain the best overall exposure setting.

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